Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OH NO, Mr. Bill, I Forgot how to make Chicken Cutlets!!!

I could not believe what happened last night. Regina asked me to make chicken cutlets because she was working late. So I said ok! Now there was a time when I was a great Chicken Cutlet cook; however, last night was not a good effort. I hadn't done it in so long that I literally forgot what to do.

As I gathered the ingredients, I was pretty confident, after all everyone used to like them. In fact to this day, Chicken cutlets remain my favorite meal. So I assembled the ingredients, eggs, chicken, bread crumbs and 100% cold pressed virgin olive oil per my picky wife's request :-)

I heated up the oil, dumped the chicken cutlets in the egg wash and put them in the pan to fry. The only problem was I had forgotten that it was a two step process, first the egg wash THEN the bread crumbs. As a result, the bread crumbs kept sliding off the chicken as I was turning the breasts over. So I would take more bread crumbs and layer them on the chicken. While doing this, It dawned on me that I completely forgot I was supposed to smash the cutlets with a wooden mallet we had in the house to flatten them. Consequently the cutlets were a lot thicker than they should have been. Boy did I feel like a dope. Its been about 15 years since I last did them.  At least I remembered to lay them on a plate covered with paper towels and patted them dry to remove excess olive oil.

They were edible though, still tasty with a thick crust, most importantly not burnt. I consoled myself with the thought that at least she didn't have to cook them and it was a hot meal after coming in from a cold night.

The next time I do it, it will be a lot easier now that it has come back to me. :-)

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