Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Horns of a dilemma!!

What to do? Who to vote for? The herd has been thinned but I don't like anyone left. Hillary I don't trust. McCain I don't like because of his liberal stand on immigration and Obama has no experience.

I think I'll vote for Teddy Roosevelt.


We've been working on the house for what seems like forever. Finally got a new laminated floating floor for the hallway, kitchen and bathroom and wall to wall carpeting for the dining room and living room. We've also repaved the driveway and relandscaped the back yard. Used up most of the money and we haven't done the three bedrooms upstairs yet.

Sometimes I wonder why I bought a house, but when the job is done, it seems worth it. We now have 6 full book cases of books in the living room and we still need more. We may wind up giving some books away. No room for them downstairs at least.

The one positive thing about doing projects like these is the little bonus' that you find while moving stuff around. The other day, I rediscovered an I-Pod wanna be that I lost a few years ago. Now that I'm stuck taking the bus to work every day again, it will come in handy.

Another Staff Meeting for the Zuni-Tamaroa

We had a good staff meeting for the Zuni/Tam. Things seem to be going our way. Victory Park near Newport News is one of the finalists for our home port. We have to strengthen the mooring area though. While I was down there, I stayed at a place called the Herrington Arms Inn literally right on the Chesapeake Bay. Very nice spot. I'd like to vacation there some day.

We are also being courted by a trade school near Northrop-Grumman. They want to practice their skills on us.

And the beat goes on...................