Friday, April 26, 2013

Yardwork and Exercise, oh boy, Yippee!!!

I knew it was going to happen and I dreaded it, but in the end, it is not so bad. It's that time of year and as much as I'd like to goof off, I need exercise so I have started doing some work in the back yard. My Nutritionist wants me to get more exercise to assist in my weight loss program so I decided to work in the back yard a little at a time. Not a lot after all I'm 65 and have to pace myself. I probably spend a half hour each day out back, raking and bagging things. 

Yesterday I went to the local gardening spot and bought 4 bags of organic soil and compost starter. I have been cutting up branches that fell in our backyard over the winter and bagging excess leafs that we don't need for mulch or compost to throw out. The weather has been nice so the back yard (Its a townhouse so its not big) has seen a lot more activity of late. 

Repaired the screen door with a new screen, next will be white rust-o-leum for the screen door and vision panels for the back door. Yesterday while sitting for a moment, I noticed how worn the fencing looked. I spoke to our next door neighbor with whom we share the fence. They are amenable to ripping it down and installing a new fence. I am thinking one of those white picket fence PVC jobs. We'll have to get pricing though.

Regina is planting vegetables in the planter boxes we installed last year with my son Danny's help. (Another yippee) since I really hate vegetables except if they're raw. If I cold live on eggs and potatoes forever, I would do it. I love breakfast and I can stomach vegetables in a Western Omlet. I also like pea pods and carrots. But I won't go near brussel sprouts, Broccoli or Cauliflower cooked that is! I like broccoli and cauliflower raw.


Saga continues, bought six more bags of soil, youngest son Dan helped a great deal lugging it through the house into the back yard and mixing it with a bale of peat moss. On a humorous note, I tried to fix him up with a couple of the sales girls at the Garden Place, they were very nice, cute and strong. After I told him that, he ran the other way  :-) and I think I got Poison Ivy from working in the back yard. There are itchy welts on my hands after yesterday's work.

Will probably need another 4 bags of dirt and another bale of peat moss. Will go back on Friday.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Well it had to happen!!!

Finally, after 7 years and 117,651 miles, my Ford 500 SE had to go to the dealer for repairs other than normal wear and tear like tires, battery and brakes. A few days ago, my engine warning light came on so I brought it to the local Ford Dealer. I brought it in three days within a week and I hope they finally got it. The mechanic replaced the EGR valve.Their analyzer kept reading a  "lean fuel" error.  Let's hope third time is lucky :-)

I am aiming for 200,000 miles, next scheduled maintenance is a biggie, 120,000 mile check up that involves a change out of  the synthetic oil in my CVT transmission. Won't be cheap, but she's still running well. After 34 years in the Building Maintenance field, I am a strong believer in preventive maintenance. She gets nothing but Ford parts and Ford service personnel working on her.So far, the defective EGR valve is the only blot on her long distinguished career.