Monday, April 1, 2013

Well it had to happen!!!

Finally, after 7 years and 117,651 miles, my Ford 500 SE had to go to the dealer for repairs other than normal wear and tear like tires, battery and brakes. A few days ago, my engine warning light came on so I brought it to the local Ford Dealer. I brought it in three days within a week and I hope they finally got it. The mechanic replaced the EGR valve.Their analyzer kept reading a  "lean fuel" error.  Let's hope third time is lucky :-)

I am aiming for 200,000 miles, next scheduled maintenance is a biggie, 120,000 mile check up that involves a change out of  the synthetic oil in my CVT transmission. Won't be cheap, but she's still running well. After 34 years in the Building Maintenance field, I am a strong believer in preventive maintenance. She gets nothing but Ford parts and Ford service personnel working on her.So far, the defective EGR valve is the only blot on her long distinguished career.

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Jane Driver said...

Sounds like you picked a winner, Bill. Maybe you should give out your picks for the horse races. LOL!!