Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas & Zuni Tamaroa towed again.............

The family got together for a nice Christmas. Dan, Ange, Sasha, Regina, Judi and Lyra a friend of Ange's showed up. Good food and company made it a nice holiday. Plus we took it easy on the decorating front too, which I like.
Regarding the Tam:
We have been towed to the Navy amphibious base in Little Creek, Virginia. Hopefully we'll now have more access to the public. No one could reasch us where we were moored before. Right now we are easy access, phyically speaking; however we have to make arrangements with the Navy to allow people in and out of the base when we do maintenance on her. This girl has more lives than a cat.
I've been so busy, I forgot to do to do the newsletter. Have to bust my butt to get it out.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The last week and going on to this week has been pretty busy. We are doing a lot of consolidating and moving people around and out of the building to vacate 4 floors and sublet them. People are going to other spots in Manhattan, Weehawken, etc. We are on 11 and will be moving to 37 on Friday. God how I hate moving. I've sat in the same location for almost 8 years. Now I am to be uprooted and moved to a more cramped space. The one nice thing is that from 37, you can see both the East River and the North River from the its a decent view. Some of the folks don't like going to 37 because they are still thinking about 9/11 and the long haul down the steps.
I'm throwing out half of what I've accumulated over the years to make it a little easier to move upstairs.

Monday, December 1, 2008

End of the year is pandemonium as usual

Its been a heck of a year. At work we are closing the books and preparing for the 2009 budget, we're working on targets and success stories for ISO14001 to which we are signatory and trying to come in under budget all at the same time.

On other fronts, the Zuni Maritime Foundation, the organization dedicated to restoring the USS Zuni to her 1944 days is continuing, though at a slower pace than we would like. The economy is really putting a crimp in our ability to raise funds.

and last but not least we had a great Thanksgiving, my Daughter Angela, son Danny and Sister Judy showed up to a feast that as usual Regina outdid herself. Everything was delicious and the company was great.

Ange has recently moved back to the east coast from Oregon. Its good to have her back home again.