Tuesday, December 17, 2013

No Fun Rooting For A Losing Sports Team

I love the Washington Redskins, my last link with the state of Virginia where I lived for 7 years a long time ago. But it has been really hard on me and other 'Skins fans for many years now. The last time we won the Superbowl was 1991!! We have a good quarterback in RGIII but I think the Snyder-Shanahan combination is toxic. Shanahan has to go, no question about it. But Snyder is part of the problem. He butts in too much. What I wouldn't give for a reincarnation of Jack Kent Cooke. But 3-11? C'mon the team is more talented than that.

I'm not giving up on them for sure. My only salvation is that living in New York, I talk to a lot of suffering Giant's fans as well. my old friend Jorge from my old job is beside himself as a loyal Giants fan. The NFC East as a whole is pretty bad this year.

Well there is always next year!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Volunteering at Rockland County Historical Society

Now that I'm officially retired and not looking for a job (government should be happy), I've decided to get back to my first love occupation-wise. I have an appointment on Wednesday to talk to the Historical Society of Rockland County to see if any of my history related skills can be used as a volunteer. I really love to do historical research combing through old documents, letters, diaries, etc. I've had two volunteer stints with them in the past when my work schedule was light, so now I should be able to give them one day a week.

I'm really looking forward to it.