Tuesday, December 17, 2013

No Fun Rooting For A Losing Sports Team

I love the Washington Redskins, my last link with the state of Virginia where I lived for 7 years a long time ago. But it has been really hard on me and other 'Skins fans for many years now. The last time we won the Superbowl was 1991!! We have a good quarterback in RGIII but I think the Snyder-Shanahan combination is toxic. Shanahan has to go, no question about it. But Snyder is part of the problem. He butts in too much. What I wouldn't give for a reincarnation of Jack Kent Cooke. But 3-11? C'mon the team is more talented than that.

I'm not giving up on them for sure. My only salvation is that living in New York, I talk to a lot of suffering Giant's fans as well. my old friend Jorge from my old job is beside himself as a loyal Giants fan. The NFC East as a whole is pretty bad this year.

Well there is always next year!!

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