Sunday, November 8, 2015

This and That

A lot of little stuff going on. Still transcribing diaries at the Historical Society, keeping in touch with friends from the old job, Very happy that commuting is a thing of the past and we went to the Catskills again to our favorite German Bed and Breakfast, The Bavarian Inn. This time we treated my mother in law to a long weekend, She enjoyed it and is already making plans for a return trip.

Also voted in the midterm elections although it won't do any good here in New York.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Life is Returning to normal!

Back to Rockland Civil War Round Table again after summer hiatus. Fun to be with the guys and gals again or whatever politically correct words are used these days. Our summer medical horrors are over and we are on the mend. Still working at the Historical Society.

Lets see, what else just finished binge watching 4th season of Longmire on Netflix. Debating on what other things we can cut to help with our now fixed income situation.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

quick update

Haven't posted for a while. Have been very busy. Mostly doctor stuff. had two operations on tumors. one benign and one still awaiting results.wanted to get them done and healed before the heat of the summer really set in.

Monday, May 4, 2015

New Computer Up and Running

Hard drive is fried from old computer so about 20% of files are lost foreveer. I had some of it backed up plus a Photobucket album so  I did not lose everything. Joined drop box so this would not happen again.

New one is Windows 7 so I will have to putz around with it for a while to get the hang of it.; Bought a book Windows 7 for dummies to help out.

On other front, I'm cataloging  documents for the Pomona Heights Home Owner association for the Historical Society. Not as much fun as previous projects to be sure, but necessary.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

PC Melt Down!!!

Well, we had a computer melt down in the house, We lost a lot of material, but fortunately, I had some backed up on old floppy disks so I purchased an External floppy disk drive and have begun the resurrection. I have also subscribed to Dropbox to avoid this from happening in the future.

What a nightmare to recreate it. I can't tackle it for more than an hour a day though. It is mind numbing. I've had to reach out to other sources to help me recreate our electronic library of  goodies. Thank goodness I had a photobucket account so most of our photos survived

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Modern technology and I don't Get along!!

My youngest son seems to adapt to any techno gadget immediately. Me it takes forever to try anything new. Case in point a few months ago, I bought my first Ipod. Recently, I finally got around to renewing my Verizon phone contract. I told them I would renew if I could have  another  flip phone like my LG Revere. Well as it turns out, they have an upgraded version of the Revere called the Revere 3. Of course they changed a few things on it and of course it is annoying. The key pad is a smidgin smaller making it harder to scroll. Also I can't find how to purchase ring tones on it where the previous phone had them easily accessible.

Why can't people leave a good thing alone? Sigh! It is better than one of those gargantuan smart phones. I have no idea how people carry them around all day. The flip phone is just the right size. Whenever it is time to renew, I intentionally let the contract lapse for at least two years, because after you finally get used to the way a phone works, why buy another one so soon. So 4 years from now, I will be arguing with Verizon once again about making a easy to operate smallish phone for us old fogeys.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


I just realized that I hadn't posted anything in a while. Where to start? Well, I've been quite busy researching a judge Arthur S. Tompkins for the historical society. Turns out to be a pretty interesting guy. Also we've been snow bound, it seems to dump at least a foot a snow a week around here lately. The next round is supposed to be this Sunday into Monday. They're saying 6 to 10 inches. I've also made several trips to the VA clinics around here lately. I'm due it so why not use it, right. Nothing serious. Weight reduct programs, ear, nose and throat visits, Hearing tests, Optometrist, etc.

The VA gives me a good deal so its worth taking advantage of. So far they have been quick, courteous and inexpensive. Can't complain about that. I salted the drive way, yet again and bought 25 more pounds of calcium chloride. God I hate snow. Never thought I'd say it, but as one gets older, snoq is not our friend.