Saturday, February 28, 2015

Modern technology and I don't Get along!!

My youngest son seems to adapt to any techno gadget immediately. Me it takes forever to try anything new. Case in point a few months ago, I bought my first Ipod. Recently, I finally got around to renewing my Verizon phone contract. I told them I would renew if I could have  another  flip phone like my LG Revere. Well as it turns out, they have an upgraded version of the Revere called the Revere 3. Of course they changed a few things on it and of course it is annoying. The key pad is a smidgin smaller making it harder to scroll. Also I can't find how to purchase ring tones on it where the previous phone had them easily accessible.

Why can't people leave a good thing alone? Sigh! It is better than one of those gargantuan smart phones. I have no idea how people carry them around all day. The flip phone is just the right size. Whenever it is time to renew, I intentionally let the contract lapse for at least two years, because after you finally get used to the way a phone works, why buy another one so soon. So 4 years from now, I will be arguing with Verizon once again about making a easy to operate smallish phone for us old fogeys.

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