Saturday, October 10, 2009

The law of Averages is..............

catching up with me.
I am a fountain pen freak and for years I have been one of the lucky ones. I never spilt any ink nor did I get any on my clothes. I seemed to be able to do everything perfect relative to filling up fountain pens. All I got was the occasional ink stain on my hands or fingers. THEN it happened. Within the last week, I have managed to ruin two T shirts, two dress shirts and a bed spread as well as get some ink one a wooden floor. I'm sure my poor wife is ready to kill me. I can't understand it. Although I suspect I'm just not as careful as I usually am. Its been an exhausting couple of weeks span, between long hours at work and doing not for profit stuff on the weekends 4 hour RT commutes, I can hardly see straight. Plus I've been hit with gout and arthritis attacks of late so my concentration is a little off. In fact, I have one of those Fisher Mars Space Pens. I've started using it for the last couple of days to stay away from Fountain pens. Tomorrow I have to take the car to the shop, after that the rest of the weekend I will relax and nap and start getting some semblance of normalcy back to my life.......I hope! :-)
No longer ink free, I am...........

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Four Legs Good Tag Sale

A Not For profit started by my sister and daughter, Four Legs Good, is having a tag sale today at Immaculate Conception Church on South Main Street in Stony Point, NY. The NFP's purpose is to do a TNR program (Trap, Neuter, Release) to help control the population of Feral cats in Rockland County in a humane way. So if you want to help, stop by from 10AM to 3 PM today and help contribute. Their website is listed under my favorites.


PS We did really well. We took in over 1,000.00 which means we can TNR 22 cats. :-)