Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day - Leprechaun Traps!

My daughter- in- law sent me this photo today of my grandson's latest escapade. He got his father to build a leprechaun trap for St. Patrick's day complete with gold coins to trap the Leprechaun. Of course it didn't catch one but the results are hilarious. Note the gold coins, foot prints and note left behind by the Leprechaun.

Little kids have a great imagination for sure, they certainly believe in a fantasy world. Wait til they grow up!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Old Gem Has Resurfaced!

I was searching through my DVD library today looking for something to watch that I hadn't seen in a while. After a lot of shuffling cases around, I stumbled upon Cannery Row. It was made about 30 years ago and for those of you not familiar, it is based on a John Steinbeck Novel of the same name. It is my all time number one favorite movie. Yes, even more than Gettysburg or any Civil war or nautical flick. I strongly urge you to rent it, I'm sure you'll find the rental fee well spent.

It is a very poignant, funny, warm film about life in World War Two Monterey, California and all the characters who live there. Nick Nolte and Debra Winger star with a whole cast of terrific supporting characters, I especially loved the Seer and the bums with their relationship to the "Doc". Here are a series of quotes reprinted from the movie site IMDB.com  They will give you a definite flavor of the film.

Narrator: Mack is the elder and leader of a small group of men who have in common no families, no money and no ambition. Beyond the time to discuss matters of interest but little importance.

Hazel: I love Doc! He was a character witness for me, and I ain't got no character.
Suzy: I don't understand it. We get along great when we're not together.

Fauna: The stars say that you are gonna be - oh... that you are gonna be President of the United States!
Mack: I don't believe it.
Hazel: I don't wanna be no President!
Fauna: You got no choice; the stars have spoke. You'll just have to go to Washington.
Hazel: But I don't want to! I don't know nobody there!
Fauna: I'm sorry, Hazel.
Hazel: Ain't there any way I can tell 'em I won't do it?
Fauna: No.
Hazel: [sobbing] A thing like this could ruin my whole life!

Suzy: [Talking about Doc] So he's just hiding out.
Fauna: He ain't hiding out. He just ain't putting his self forward for comment, that's all.

The Seer: [Talking to Doc] It's time I go watch the sunset now. I wouldn't be much of a seer if I didn't do that.I've even come to think that it wouldn't go down without me.

Narrator: [Last lines] The party didn't slow down 'till dawn. The crew of a San Pedro tuna boat showed up about One, and was routed. The police came by at Two, and stayed to join the party. Mack took their squad car to go get more wine. A woman called the police to complain about the noise, and couldn't get anybody. The crew of the tuna boat came back about Three, and was welcomed with open arms. The police reported their own car stolen, and found it later, on the beach. Things were finally back to normal, on Cannery Row. Once more, the world was spinning in greased grooves.

 I love the movie so here's hoping the book measures up to it. I picked up a copy at the local library the other day and will read it soon.

In the process of reading any book. I usually feel that  books are much better than the movie. I'm not finished yet; but, in this case the movie is much richer in my estimation. The novel is very bleak. I've come across three suicides so far. Most of the elements are there such as the party, the Great Frog Round Up, The Bear Flag and of course the Beer Milkshake incident; but overall, the movie is uplifting. A purist might say that the film is not true to the Steinbeck novel, I say that the film maker is just interpreting the book in a more positive light. I need to read Sweet Thursday to complete the arc.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pet Peeve With TV Land!!

For nearly two decades now, we have done without TV broadcasts in our home. We felt that TV as a whole was not worth watching. We do, however, have a TV and DVD set up so that we can rent DVD's  based on our friends and coworkers recommendations. Over the years we have watched 24, Law and Order, NCIS, Bones, etc.

Once in a while we have come across series that have really aggravated me because both my wife and I have liked them, but it seems they suffered low ratings from what I will call low information people. Based on a few series we have seen, it is our opinion that any series should also have written into its contract that a wrap up movie should be included in case the series fails before the story arc is complete. 

For example, we are fans of Babylon 5. Based on that we purchased Crusade, a spin off series. It just ends as if someone split it with a meat cleaver.  It is frustrating because we enjoyed the series. Another one that comes to mind is Stargate Universe. While many Stargate fans seemed to have disliked the series because it is rather dark and not as humorous as the previous Stargate series, it is never the less very engrossing. Again it ends without a resolution. Another one that ended abruptly was Sanctuary, the Canadian SCIFI series about a refuge for Abnormals.

Firefly is another series we liked but it ended prematurely. At least in this case, a feature movie was produced a couple of years later which resolved the story line.So far other series we like such as House, MD, Castle seem to have a life of a couple more years which will have satisfaory or at least planned endings.