Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The last week and going on to this week has been pretty busy. We are doing a lot of consolidating and moving people around and out of the building to vacate 4 floors and sublet them. People are going to other spots in Manhattan, Weehawken, etc. We are on 11 and will be moving to 37 on Friday. God how I hate moving. I've sat in the same location for almost 8 years. Now I am to be uprooted and moved to a more cramped space. The one nice thing is that from 37, you can see both the East River and the North River from the building...so its a decent view. Some of the folks don't like going to 37 because they are still thinking about 9/11 and the long haul down the steps.
I'm throwing out half of what I've accumulated over the years to make it a little easier to move upstairs.

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