Sunday, January 27, 2013

The War Between The States Redux!!

After three months of job searching and errand running and lacklustre attempts at House Husbanding, I think I will try to get back into the scholarly pursuit of the American Civil War. The old job wore me out, down to a frazzle. In the past an old buddy of mine Christine L. rekindled my desire to get back into Civil War research after a similar period of exhaustion on the job. Also I lost a lot of enthusiasm for Civil War research when my long time Civil War buddy Roger Cary passed away from a bout with cancer. I've decided to retrench and see what if anything I can do to rekindle that flame of curiosity I once had on the subject.

To that end, I contacted another Civil War buff, I know who lives near Saratoga Springs to see if we can form an alliance because in my experience it is always a lot more fun when you know someone with whom you can share every discovery. I will try to help him out with his projects in between my job searches. Lance Ingmire is working on a history of the 95th New York Volunteers, a unit that I wrote s short blurb on back in the 70's so I am familiar with many of the guys in the unit. Moreover, assisting Lance, I decided to create a Yahoo Message board related specifically to the 95th to see if we can catch anyone out there who may possess written material from wartime by or about them.

Also I contacted Paul Martin and found out that the  Rockland County Civil War Round Table still exists. I used to be pretty active in it til work consumed everything. Will rejoin at the next meeting on February 6th.

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