Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Day, another Whatever!!

Let's see still looking for a job, no one wants a 64 year old former property manager except stupid computer programs that keep sending me job opportunities for Bank Tellers or Buyers of Women's fashions. I even got a note from a loan company that specializes in retirement loans. At least they got the age right. 

My daughter introduced me to a country singer named Tift Merritt. She's not bad, sort of like a younger Mary Chapin Carpenter. She will be going to a concert in the city to see her on her birthday. Hope she has a good time.

On other fronts, my wife is trying to train me into becoming a house husband. Boy this is tough work. I can't seem to do anything right  :-) At least I'm getting better with shopping lists except that sometimes I think i suffer from brain farts. The other day, while at Shop and Stop, I saw Entenmann's chocolate donuts. So I thought that this would be a nice surprise. Regina used to love them. I come home and she says, why did you buy these, I was making banana cake with chocolate icing? Oh well, I try.....and I sure have clean fingernails from the dishwashing too.

I'm not much at cooking, that will never happen, but at least I make a mean tuna salad. She even complimented me on how crunchy it was. Onions, celery, mayo and tuna. Even I can figure that one out!! And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

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