Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mixed Blessings dealing with NYS Labor Dept.

OK, so I'm laid off (reduction in force) and on unemployment. I have gone to a couple of NYS  Labor presentations, met with their people, who by the way, have all been fantastic. But when you wind up talking to their voice mail or working with their automated systems, I really get frustrated.

There is a young lady who is helping me that is in charge of helping Veterans find jobs. She is a Vet, herself so there is a kindred spirit thing going on here. I told her that I wanted to work again but not in the field that I was laid off from. I've had it not just with being a property manager, but also the insane 80 mile commute daily back and forth to New York City. The other day, I got a newsletter called Smart 2010 from the NYS Labor Department telling me about a bunch of property manager positions most of which were located in New York city. I emailed my connection at Tomorrow's Work Place and queried her as to why that happened when we had discussed my feelings about a new job.  Well it turns out that this Smart 2010 Newsletter is not so smart after all. It scans your resume, picks out key words and tells you what is available up to 25 miles from your zip code.

What am I looking for is a job related to purchasing in NORTH JERSEY. As a property manager, I gained extensive experience in biddding, sourcing and purchasing. I want a 9 to 5 job, not 24 by 7 recall which is what I was subject to in the past. Natalie sent me a list of keywords to use in the resume which the scanner would pick up and hopefully direct the right job my way. So I will retool my resume, tell her where to insert the new key words and keep my fingers crossed.

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