Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Second Amendment Opinion

Due to the recent Newtown, Ct. killings, the nation is once again up in arms over the lack of gun control. This is a subject that for the most part, I have avoided over the years especially in the work place, because it usually creates angst and arguments amongst normally friendly folk due to such diverse opinions. This time I am compelled to yield to the Newtown tragedy and say something. On the one hand, I firmly believe that the second amendment was authored by our founding fathers as a method of self-defense. The militia issue being the central point to me. That is what the commons was for in most frontier and country towns. The militia would gather for drills and inspections on a periodic basis. 

However, in my opinion, the need for a militia of that type is no longer relevant. except for a few archaic statutes in some states, it no longer exists, we now have the National Guard, Air Guard and other reserve components to be called up in the event of emergencies providing they pass the muster of the posse comitatus act. Opinions vary, but some of the Founding Fathers believe that everyone is still militia based on the fact that we civilians would need to overthrow an oppressive Federal government if it did not operate in the best interest of the people. We have evolved beyond the same kind of thinking that wanted to insure an ability to through off the tyranny of a Kinge George III.I think that is never likely to happen, however many kinks in the armor we have, our form of a constitutional government is still the best on earth. I just wish the  present politicians realized that; but they're too busy raking in the dough to pay attention to the people that elected them..

Being a military history buff and a veteran, most people assume I am an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment. That assumption would be incorrect (as the amendment stands). While, I believe in the ability to defend one's home against invaders, I also believe in other things that would make a gun lover cringe. 

Below please find a link from the Athens Banner-Herald to a recent article about the 2008 Supreme Court Decision which clarified/certified the intent of the 2nd amendment as it now stands.


Moreover, I believe that gun control should be modified, not by congressional law because that can usually be overturned at the drop of a hat. It would constantly change along party lines depending on who is in power. I sincerely believe that the Second Amendment should be modified and re-ratified if that is possible, since an amendment is a much harder obstacle to overcome than a law driven by lobbyists and congress people interested only in advancing their own careers.

A rewritten second amendment should:
  • delete a reference to a militia.
  • provide lengthy jail sentences to those who possess automatic weapons (no parole).
  • require a 3 month waiting period upon application for a license to allow for adequate background checking.
  • require training in the type of firearm purchased to be signed off by the local police department
  • Limit the size of clips,magazines, etc
  • Gun smugglers or sellers of illegal fire arms, life imprisonment with no parole.
  • Do not allow sales at Gun shows where  background checks are not implemented,
These are a few suggestions that may lessen or prevent a Columbine or Newtown or Virginia Tech shooting. There are probably other things that can be done as well. Bottom line is that the politicians need to do something right for the people for a change and not for the lobbyists. How many young people were prevented from developing their potential by the above mentioned incidents, how many parents, siblings, spouses or grandparents have to suffer such horrible losses before those knuckleheads in congress do what is right instead of what is convenient for them?

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