Saturday, February 9, 2013

First Big Snow Over!!

It wasn't as bad as the weather forecasters predicted. I wish I could have a job where I could keep it and be wrong so often............ The forecast changed almost hourly. There was a different amount and different conditions every time I logged on yesterday. In the end instead of 18 inches we got about 10 inches and there was no heavy blizzard like white out conditions.

I was prepared for a power outage based on all the horrific stories on the news. Had battery powered lanterns and radios at the ready.There was even a robocall from Orange and Rockland Utilities  warning me about possible power outages in this terrible storm headed our way.

We had some enterprising preteen money makers come to the door this morning to shovel the snow in our drive way. Offered them 20.00 up front with a 10.00 bonus if they really did a good job. They did so they were rewarded. The only thing is that the darn highway department kept coming through and filling up the end of my driveway with snow as they continued to plow the streets. After clearing it twice, I gave up!

PS a couple days later the town came by and used Bobcats and dump trucks to cart off the snow, which is great considering these are town house developments andthere is no room to properly bank the snow. It went up to 40 degrees today (2/12/13) so the melt has started.

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