Thursday, February 7, 2013

Re-enlisted in the Rockland Civil War Round Table

I did something last night I wasn't able to do fro the last decade, I re-enlisted in the Rockland Civil War Round Table. A decade ago, I was a very active participant in the Round Table, I even received a plaque acknowledging my contribution to Civil War history in Rockland County way back when! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to attend meetings because of the heavy work load on the job. I was unable to get home by 7:30 when the meetings started; or, if I did, I was too tired. 

Now that I'm free I am able to do some of the things I have enjoyed in the past. Last night I saw some familiar faces and renewed acquaintances. I even met a gentlemen who was a volunteer at the Historical Society of Rockland County. He read my manuscript on the histories of many of the Rockland men who served in the Civil War.

Last night's presentation by Tom Fox was pretty interesting, it was about a soldier from the 33rd New Jersey Infantry, Willie McGee,  who was a con man and wound up being awarded the medal of honor for something he didn't do. The speaker chronicled his life and how he got away with some outrageous behavior until he was lost track of in the mists of time. I hope to get more involved down the road. Right now, I'm just taking a back seat and soaking it all in, but those little gray cells are beginning to percolate!!!If you live in the Rockland County, Bergen County area and are interested in our history or the Civil War, I strongly suggest a visit to our Round Table. Our web site is Rockland Civil War Round Table

 Our meetings are at 7:30 PM on Wednesday nights at the American Legion Hall in Pearl River, NY 10965.


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