Thursday, September 12, 2013


I can't take it anymore!!! I'm sick of the current idiotic controversy that people who have nothing better to do then stir up a hornet's nest over nothing!!! I have been a fan of the Washington Redskins since 1968. I love the team win, lose or draw. There is nothing wrong with the team's name, not a darn thing. But then again I'm a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male so in this politically correct world, my opinion means nothing.  I'm going to voice it anyway.

I am a large person, I wear 5XL shirts.I am big, therefore the name NY Giant's offends me, change it! I like animals, the name Miami Dolphins offends me, change it! As a history majory, I've studied enough U.S. History to understand our motives for separating from England were not as virtuous as we were taught as kids. Therefore the Name New England Patriots offends me, change it. I admired Benedict Arnold but I don't shove it down anyone's throat unless I am asked about it in a discussion. Also if I was an  American Indian, excuse me, I mean a North American Indigenous Person of the Red Race prior to 1607, I really should be upset at the San Francisco 49's. after all  they are named after a group of people that savaged the landscape and pushed everyone out of the way to satisfy their greed and avarice.

I am sure the name San Diego Padres offends someone out there so change it. How about the Cleveland Indians or Atlanta Braves. Change it, Change it, Change it. In fact why don't we go really stupid and change ALL the sports teams names to numbers, City names are not allowed. How would you like the 2's to play the 13's on Monday night Football.??????  What kind of rivalry will that inspire? Knock off all this garbage and play the game!!! Maybe someone will get assigned 666 then what!!!

Why isn't anyone complaining about the Dallas Cowboys??? Cowboys and Indians, remember when we were kids we played the game with cap guns. What was the object, get the bad guys, right? Well who are the bad guy? If the Cowboys were the bad guys how can you name a team after a group of people that assisted in stealing land from the Indians. If the Indians are the Bad guys, well now what, can you do...............??

And last but not least, the Saint John's University in NYC fell victim to Political Correctness some years ago. They changed their name from the Red Men to  The Red Storm. Red Storm are you kidding me, it sounds like they are worshiping communism now, right? So change it again. I say they should be the first in the new numbering system and they should change their name to Saint John's 01. But wait, someone will look at that and say that's a series of zeros and ones, oh no, we can't have that, that would offend people who don't like the binary  system and on and on and on..............

But my final note on this subject is simple. It is that most of the complainers are one note people. They have no concept of the world around them. Want an example. 1868 Washita Creek, Oklahoma, Custer's troops formed up to attack a largely defensive Indian village. What song did they use as a signal for attack? Gary Owen! In the 70's Gary Owen was adopted by today's 7th Cavalry as their song.   Now if I was an Indian, that would really be offensive; but who takes the time to learn these things.


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