Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tam's Fate Decided, She will be a Reef!

After 16 years of blood, sweat and tears, we finally threw in the towel. The former USCGC Tamaroa / USS ZUNI is being prepared to be sunk as a reef off the east coast near Delaware/New Jersey. We gave it our best shot but in this economy could not convince people she was worth saving. This old salvage tug fought in the Pacific in World War Two (She is the last vessel currently afloat that fought at Iwo Jima, and participated in countless Search and Rescue missions including the famed Perfect Storm  mission where she saved the lives of four Air National Guardsmen. Hundreds of boys turned into men on her slippery rolling decks, this post is for them.

I found the below poem on the internet which sums up her end:

Author Unknown...........

' My end is nigh. Do not morn me. I served a noble service well and am proud for all who were with me through the years. It is now time to let go. I look forward to my rest. I have been loved and at times pampered in a way that will not be diminished by time or my passing. I remember you as though it were just yesterday. With memories of times we shared you do not need my carcass, my ribs, my hull. All things come and all things go. Know this and just remember the good and the bad as we take our place in time and fade into the past'

Here are some photos of her 5 decades of  yeoman service to this great nation:

1940's  USS ZUNI






1990's Decommissioned and neglected


Bringing her Back

1967 Walter Jones and me on the fantail with Long Island behind us

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