Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Facebook or Not!!, well maybe limited????

A few years ago while immersed in the effort to help save my old ship (USCGC TAMAROA) from the wreckers, I joined Facebook to help spread the word. It kind of backfired on me. Being an unsophisticated social media person, I wound up with hundreds of friends, most of whom I did not know and I got deluged with all kinds of requests to play games, give gifts, etc. Long story short I gave up on it.

Then with the advent of my daughter heading out west to seek her fortunes on the left coast, I decided to get back on. Facebook, It would be an easy way for her and me to communicate. Its working out much better this time because not only do I have access to her but also Cousin's Sara and Wallie as well. I have pretty much privatized the account and accept no friends unless I personally know them. I blocked all games and apps, etc. Right now I only have 13 friends and that's fine by me. It will increase overtime as people I know accept invitations. But it appears to be a much more useful tool now than what it was in the past.

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