Saturday, July 13, 2013


One of my self assigned tasks is to basically shred everything in the house we don't  need. I've been doing it for days now. Any minute the shredder will start screaming in agony. Then it hit me! If these nudnicks who keep sending me crap I don't want, are faced down maybe I can make a dent in the world and save a few trees. The amount of catalogs we get in the mail is absolutely ridiculous. It's a sin!!! How many of us read every catalog  from cover to cover breathlessly awaiting the next sale or gadget?

I am not a tree hugger nor do I believe that Global warming is the end of the world; BUT, I do believe that we should each do our part to try to manage the problem without wrecking the economy. Accordingly, every time I get a catalog in the mail, I email the company and tell them to take me off their mailing list. If they have a website and a product I like, I can always go on the site check for sales, etc. and do it that way. I told one company today to email me specials. It is a lot easier to hit the delete button then to shred a 120 page catalog thus saving trees and the electricity required to run the shredder. Granted my one little act of defiance won't change the world, but if enough people do, maybe it will make a difference instead of relying on these stupid carbon footprints and purchasing a tree to make up for your use of oil, etc.

One more thing, while its on my mind. At one point, I was mulling the purchase of one of those Chevy Volts to help save oil. After some research, I decided it wasn't such a good idea. Particularly because....and follow this please. In order to save oil, we need to buy electric cars. We charge our electric cars at charging stations which CONSUME electricity. What powers the charging stations, mostly its coal? Since the government is trying to kill coal production and increase electric car production at the same time.........well you can see where that will lead us. If a dunderhead like me can see it, you need to really wonder about the brains of our government. They're certainly not thinking right. Why promote the production of cars that will put a drain on our electric grid and at the same time outlaw coal which is the main supplier??

Just sayin'

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