Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Routine for a Creature of Habit

For the last several weeks, we have changed our routine slightly to visit my mother in law. Since her Great grandchildren on our side are on the west coast, she does not see them often. She does not have a PC, One thing we have done is use a really a marvelous bit of technology. I bought one of those USB memory sticks. As the week progresses we receive emailed photos from my son and daughter in law. Actually Christina is to be lauded for her dedication to this project; I down load them into a file labeled "new". Then on the Saturday before the Sunday visit, I take the memory stick to the Photo Shoppe. He down loads them for me on 4 by 6 paper and voila we have current photos for the next day's visit.

Its a part of my Saturday morning routine now, the guy sees me entering the store, I hand him the stick, proclaim "They're in the "new" file, I'll wait!" A few minutes later, I hear "They're ready" I pay and am out the door. Relatively painless process.

Everyone is happy!!

Some examples

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