Thursday, June 26, 2008

WAITING, waiting.......................

Oh, I am so tired of waiting. Its to the point now where I almost don't care, well almost..... Since 1996 I've had this desire to restore the ship I once served on while in the Coast Guard back to active use. It is now 2008, some 12 years later and we are still struggling to find a home port for her, the former USCGC Tamaroa aka USS ZUNI. Part of me wants to save it because I became of age on her. But part of me wants to save her because I am so tired of all these nautical war memorials that are carriers or cruisers or battleships. Doesn't anyone realize that wars need to be fought on the sea by the likes of sea plane tenders and oilers and salvage tugs like the Zuni as well? Without these auxilary ships that supply parts and fuel and even towing services, where would the big boys be??

We are close I'm told to getting a home port in NewPort News, Virginia. I've been disappointed too many times in the past though to get excited again. I'll wait and see. If it happens, no one will be happier than me; but, regarding the Z-T and a home port, I'm a real pessimist.

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Relucent Reader. said...

Ollie, linked here from a shared interest in Samuel Eliot Morison, and read your blog. Hope Newport News works out for y'all.