Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Car: To Be or not To Be!

This is not meant to be chauvinistic or sexist; however, a humrous incident occurred in our 37 year marriage the other day. Back in 1999, Regina and I bought a new Hyundai Elantra for her. She has loved the car for the last 10 years. Trouble is after she shared it with two of our three kids, the car is pretty beat up. Appearance wise it looks like hell. Mechanically, it still runs like a dream.

Those Koreans really know how to make good engines.Doesn't suprise me since they also make steamships. At any rate we had our first problem in 75K miles with it. The head gasket blew. They had to keep the car over night. The dealer was good enough to give me a loaner while the 99 Elantra was being repaired. I brought it home and gave it to Regina for use.

We had the car for an extra day. When we swapped cars ( it was a 2008 Elantra) she tells me, "I'm going to miss that car, it was really nice."Last year I put 25K in a special fund to purchase for her either an electric car or a hybrid, whichever car is more viable when the fund matures. We discussed it at length. I told her I can't liquidate the funds without taking a penalty. Now she's annoyed because she has to drive her once loved chariot for another three years before she can get a new car. (sigh).

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