Sunday, June 29, 2008

Samuel Eliot Morison

The other day, a blogger from Virginia linked to me because of our mutual interest in Samuel Eliot Morison. A Historian in which I am very interested. He has written a number of terrific works, many of which are in my library. Amongst my favorites are Admiral of The Ocean Sea, a great biography of Columbus. Other works of his I like include The European discovery of America, the Northern Voyages and its companion volume the Southern Voyages. Morison also made quite a name for himself in writing a 15 volume history of the U.S. Navy in World War Two.

I compare Morison to U.S. Nautical History as Bruce Catton is to U.S. Civil War History. They both wrote with an easy going style that made reading about history a pleasure instead of boring. I highly recommend his European discovery of America series to readers who may be curious about the age of discovery but are put off by their traditional concept of history as a boring series of dates to memorize. Morison will change your mind.

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Relucent Reader said...

I am gradually reading through the History of Naval Operations set; I take 'em to the family beach vacation. What I like about Morison's writing in the 3.5 volumes I have read so far, is that he is an experienced sailor, so when he remarks on clever (or not so) seamanship, I know he is an Authority. Plus he has a very readable style.
Enjoyed your blog.