Thursday, October 9, 2014

Familiarity Breeds Contempt! Not quite but close!

This past weekend we went to Mystic for the umpteenth time. We go every year in October because there is a stitching seminar there  my wife participates in. While the people I meet at the seminar are very nice and we are fed well; I am getting quite bored. How often can you see the Seaport or the Aquarium?

I am the driver for the trip because Regina does not like to drive long distance on interstates. So this time I brought along a new toy. I bought a used IPOD and filled it up with music. Also since it is wifi, I could check out Twitter, Instagram, my email, etc. The hotel is nice and had free wifi so I was able to enjoy myself with my new ( to me) toy. After all how many Law and Order, Bones or NCIS reruns can you stand before you go nuts.

Television is a vast wasteland these days. There was virtually nothing interesting on while I waited for the wife to meet between sessions. Also I would have thought that there would be a movie or two that would interest me. Again, nothing! Its all garbage out there. What is the demographic they are looking for? I am college educated and retired with a love of history. So I guess it wasn't me.

Thank god for the Ipod!  :)

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