Monday, September 15, 2014

Technology Dependent @$#%^&%&#%^%!!!

For the last 20 years or so, we have not watched a TV program in the house. If we wanted to see something, we rented it from Netflix. Then I got this bright idea about streaming video. well to do that you need a router attached the modem and a device (we use a Roku box) to accept wireless internet signals. Last Wednesday September 11th my computer got all wonky after around 9:30 AM. It cleared up about 9:30 PM. I took it as a sign that sites were crashing due to increased traffic, etc. during the (9/11 anniversary)

Well things did not get any better, they got worse. I asked my son the AV wizard in the family to come over and help me figure it out. Long story short somehow we blew the old modem. We installed the new one did all the tests, etc. now we are back up and running.

5 days with a wonky internet made me realize how dependent we have become on computers. No ordering, no banking no watching streaming videos. No email! Yuch!

Well its back up and running and we are once again happy. My wife can post on her blog and I can watch Rizzoli & Isles streaming through Amazon. Yay!!

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