Saturday, June 1, 2013

"I"m Melting, I'm Melting!!

Ok after 6 months of being laid off, I can actually say that I miss my job and reallllly mean it!! The A/C in my former office had been really nice.  It has been hell the last several days with temperatures over 90, I have no energy and just sweat sitting still in the house drinking gallons of water. We have individual A/C units in the house which until last night had not yet been installed. I called my youngest son Danny and asked him to come over and help install the A/C units in the bedroom and in the living room.

Last night was the first night we actually  slept without swimming in a pool of sweat.The weather forecast is over 90 again today with a heat advisory. So I'll be staying inside except for a brief foray into the world to water our garden tonight.

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