Thursday, June 20, 2013

Diving back into Geneaology!!

I spent the last couple of days trying to work up the momentum in restarting my family research project. It is fun when you get on a roll, but a lot of it is so tedious. I am a member of a couple of geneaology boards and I get really frustrated. Some of their search engines really stink. I love the kinds of information has, but their search engine leaves a lot to be desired. for example, I put in as specific as I can the dates of all the events I know including the state I am interested in seaching. So one would think that if I ask for all Sara Dohertys that lived in NJ in 1910 than that's what I should get. Only it doesn't work that way. I get Massachuseets and Ohio and God knows what over states. I asked for a record of  Sara Doherty's death and got 5,000 hits. Do they really expect me to want to page through all that. Conversely, I asked for her census record in 1910 and hit it on the first try.

I also recently found out that one of my cousins passed away in 20001 through a posted hint on and am now corresponding with his daughter. So it is nice to know that there are other family members out there of which I was not aware. I've enlisted the aid of my sister to help find our grandmother's grave. Apparently, she is not buried where traditional family lore had her interned. Right now it is sort of haphazard. If I stumble across a relative while researching another, I get side tracked so I don't lose the information and forget to enter it in the family tree.

I've got a ways to go so as Stonewall Jackson used to say we have to "press on, press on!"

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