Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cleaning Room by Room, Closet by Closet

You would not believe the amount of debris that you can accumulate after living 30 years in the same house. We are going through the place drawer by drawer closet by closet to see what we can dump. Today it was the kitchen cabinets. It was amazing the amount of canned goods we had, much of it expired. My wife wanted to toss it. I with my ISO 14001 trained mind said lets empty the cans and recycle them, putting the old food stuffs in our compost pile.

It was a lot harder work than I thought. You should try to get long expired marzipan out of a tin can. I did it outside, first dumping the contents into a huge bowl and keeping the cans aside for disposal. It was brutally hot today so I soaked my baseball cap with a garden hose and kept cool that way while I was disgorging the expired contents into the compost pile, there was smoked oysters, marzipan, blackberries in syrup and pecan pie filling along with egg whites. The kitchen looks a lot roomier now. 

On to the next set of cabinets!!!

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