Friday, December 28, 2012


Haven't quite figured out what to do with myself yet. I was laid off in mid November (reduction in force, it was called) and thought I would have a lot of things to do. First couple of weeks was really hectic arranging for new medical coverage and going through the typical bureaucratic BS to get myself put on unemployment.

I've been scanning the help wanted ads daily and  put in several applications a week for jobs that I would fit into quickly. Right now I'm still looking for a 9 to 5 job related to purchasing since that was a big part of my previous life as a building manager. No more property management for me. Those long commutes and 24 by 7 on duty standbys are a bit too much at my age. If I get a job, I want to leave it behind me on the desk each night.

I just finished another burst of activity talking to my accountant and financial advisors. It gave me more angst than anything else. Everyone has a different opinion on what I should do with my IRA's, CD's, Annuities, etc.

Initially, I thought I'd spend a lot of time on the internet. But that hasn't been the case. I check the weather, news and email now. I might do a quick lurk on a couple of old message boards I used to frequent but don't have the urge to be as verbose as I once was. I guess, by the same token, if I keep up this blog and people want to see what's going on, they can always tune in here.

Today, I'm going to the butcher and pick up a meat order and we are finishing up season 3 of NCIS. I like that show. I think Mark Harmon is a much better actor now that he's a bit older. I'm still trying to think of something creative to keep my mind working. One idea is to write down my experiences as an Operating Engineer in a Manhattan high rise. 

I kept logs for that time in my life and some of the things that happened were funny, scary and interesting at least to me. I will put a manuscript together to see if it develops into anything worth while. I know other Operating Engineers at least will get a kick out of it. The idea all started when as a Chief Engineer, my daughter came to work on the first "Take your Daughter to Work Day" and witnessed what I did for the day. The next day, she told her class that her daddy did nothing but push red and black buttons all day. Nothing like a kid to sumarize a hard day at work!! :-)

I still miss the action to a certain degree, every once in a while, my cell rings and I start to answer "Corporate Real Estate, may I help you" then come to senses before a syllable or two escape my mouth. I hope everything is running smooth at the old job, they are good folks that are in the trenches.

One thing I have decided to definitely start on is to clear out the accumulation of debris in the two  front upstairs rooms. I will keep the shredder busy as hell. I need a project to keep me occupied, that's for sure.

The one major thing that I thought would keep me occupied has fallen through. The restoration project for the Coast Guard Cutter Tamaroa is no more. We simply could not raise the funds to restore her and provide the public with the education we were hoping to. As of this moment, the "Damn Tam" as we fondly called her is probably going to be scrapped, though her present owner has it in mind to sink her as an artificial reef off New Jersey. The Coast Guard has to approve that. I hope the latter is her fate. At least she would be in one piece and available for divers to explore.

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Jane Driver said...

I went through a lot of what you are when I was first told I could not work any more. It was very strange not being productive every day, then I went through depression and feeling like I was no longer useful to society. Sometimes that one hits me again, but not very often any more. Some of the things I used to like to do, and always wished I had more time for, like sewing and jewelry designing, I am working on again. Not as hectically as when I was young though.It seems to take awhile to go through the process. Especially when you lost what identified you.
I'm wishing you and Regina and the family the best through the New Year.