Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow is Coming???

Today it is in the forecast for 4 inches of snow. Regina will be making my favorite meat sauce, so soon the smell will permeate the house. Whiling away the time, I've created an Excel spread sheet to chronicle our house hold expenses, food, prescriptions, car payment, mortgage, etc. to track them better given our  limited income since the layoff.

The snow is supposed to start around 9:30am and go through midnight. We have salt for the driveway and money to pay the enterprising young adults that roam the neighborhood in search of their future college fund (or so I would like to think)! One of the best things now is that I don't have to worry about weather conditions affecting work or freeze ups or anything like that for the building, just as it relates to the home!

Just came back from running errands. Its 12:15 and just a few flurries so far. Hope this is another case of the weather forecaster getting it wrong again. End result, about 3 inches, nothing to worry about.

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