Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The U.N. Is it worthwhile or a P.I.T.A.?

Here we go again. Another annual round of BS. The property I manage is stuck in the middle of all this mayhem. So for a week we are inundated by the Secret Service, FBI and New York's Finest. What a fiasco! they have concrete Jersey barriers all over the place blocking access to our loading dock. Every time one of these alleged world leaders decides to take a jaunt, our truck dock gets shut down. Add to that, all the law enforcement agencies around here are using so much juice that my radio communications has a ton of interference zapping through it.

We had advance notice about this, so I had notified all the vendors that work in the building to get material in the week before if they needed to do work this week. Politically speaking I have no use for the UN. They are nothing more than a mouth piece for a kind of rudimentary communism: take from the haves and give to the have-nots, right! I think they should take the whole place and move it to somewhere like France or Bolivia, maybe even the Russian Steppes. In New York, people are delayed, business' lose money and the "alleged" diplomats just go about town doing what they want with impunity.

On second thought, how's this for an idea? Build a wall topped with razor wire around the UN grounds and a couple of hotels. All entry to and from the compound should be by water. Do not allow them out of the compound. That way, we could go about our business. No vendors would lose money, no traffic would be slowed and the diplomats would be bored to tears and want to leave immediately. I'm only half kidding here. This week is always the week from hell, when the General Assembly goes into session.

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Anonymous said...

Get us out of the UN, and get the damned UN out of the US!