Saturday, September 22, 2007


JLB is my favorite author. If you like mysteries, you must read him. He will knock your socks off. He is particularly known for his series of books about a reformed alcoholic detective named Dave Robicheaux down in New Iberia Louisana. JLB has a talent to pull you right in to the story hook line and sinker.

His descriptions of the bayous and surrounding areas of Louisana are incredible. Just the titles of his books make you take notice. I've read them all but here are some samples: Stained White Radiance, Lay Down My Sword and Shield, Black Cherry Blues, Cimmaron Rose, Tin Roof Blow Down, Pegasus Decending, Dixie City Jam, Joli Blon's Bounce; the list goes on and on.

Buy one and you will be hooked immediately.

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Ollie said...

Just finished reading JLB's Pegasus Descending. I think its one of his better works because it explores the nature of the relationship of Dave Robicheaux and Clete Purcell. Dark and at the same time moving. Very good character building in this novel.