Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Minnie Torkler Update

I've been transcribing Minnie's diary for a few weeks now. Initially I thought it might be hard to get into it; however, I found that not doing it for a week because of the snow storms made me restless. I started looking up her and her family on the internet and found her in two Federal Census, two state census and a steam ship roster in 1925. So I have a bit of information of her and her family from 1900 to 1926 so far.

Her husband Fred has no occupation listed, she is listed as a House Wife and their son Fredy (sic) works for Harley Davidson Motor Cycle Co. She has an affiliation with a real estate company collecting rent and paying bills on a building in Manhattan.She makes frequennt trips to Manhattan via ferry and train. Minnie is also a social butterfly. Her memberships in various clubs are numerous. Also there are two adopted children living in the house hold.

The diary is getting interesting showing life in Rockland County in 1926. Will continue my internet search tomorrow.

 5:25 AM  February 22, 2014. I can't sleep so here is more Torkler family info. Fred Sr. Registered for the draft in September of 1918. Fred senior was stocky, blue eyes and brown hair. Fred jr. died in Haverstraw in 1967. Minnie's maiden name was Wortz they were married on January 26, 1896.............

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