Thursday, August 29, 2013

Misc. Musings

First of all, I'm too old for tumbling. Klutzy me opened the front door Tuesday and bent down to pick up a couple of packages. The screen door swung and caught on the back of my sandal pulling it off my foot and sending me tumbling down the steps. Fortunately, I barreled into a hurricane fence which broke my fall. so today, I'm very sore and have a scraped knee and elbow.  Yesterday I was really stiff, now I feel a little looser; but' can't bend my right knee enough to get into the car comfortably.

Also I received more emails from cousin Sara. This reconnection of family ties is encouraging. Regina has a million relatives on her side. All I have is a sister and two first cousins. Just reconnected with another one so I'm starting to feel like I have a family again since Mom and Dad have both passed on.  Sara told me that I have no Civil war ancestor on the Knott side which really annoys me because I'd like somehow to link to that period of American history which is my favorite........

Attached is a photo of my grandson Liam who is enjoying a Hogwart's Lego kit  that we sent him for his birthday

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