Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Catskills - - Bavarian Manor Inn

Just came back from a few days in the Catskills breathing in that fresh mountain air; which of course is very exhausting when you are used to the thermal inversion problems in the Hudson Valley just above New York City. We went to the Bavarian Manor Inn -again- a neat little place recommended by a friend a few years back. Been there at least three or four times now. Reasonable prices and a great Bavarian Restaurant. They have the best porch in the world there. My wife does a lot of stitching on the porch and I get a lot of reading done.

We also visited an Irish Feche in East Durham and a Riverside fair in Coxackie. Did some antiquing- Regina found stuff she liked, me not so much. But; I bought a cap that had Roscommon embroidered on it along with the county shield where my Grandmother was born in Ireland. Weather was pretty good as well. Only

 a couple of passing showers as we were whiling away the hours on the porch. Looking forward to another visit in six months or so.

Below is a photo of our favorite funky restaurant in Tannersville, the Last Chance Cheese Antiques Cafe. They have a Spinach Quiche there that Regina loves and a Bison Burger that I like. There is also a great assortment of goodies and their iced tea is delicious.Here is their cap which I thought was quirky and deserving a place in my collection.

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