Sunday, March 7, 2010

Winter Blahs are in Full Swing

I haven't paid attention to blog in quite awhile. There have been health issues which made me want to do nothing but laze around while I'm home. By the same token, it has been very busy here at work. So my time on the internet has suffered, I've hardly visited my favorite sites and haven't bothered with Facebook too much either.
One thing I've wanted to do, but I really dread is cleaning up the two front rooms on the second floor. We have grandiose schemes to turn them into a sewing room for Reg and a office for me. I dread it because we never agree on anything. I want to junk stuff she has stored for 20 years and she wants to junk half my stuff. So. I know that if we ever get this project off the ground, there will be rumblings from both sides, sigh!

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