Saturday, January 16, 2010

Football Winding Down primary reason for paying attention to football is gone for the year. My Washington Redskins have flopped again. 4 and 12, good grief what a lousy record. Jim Zorn is fired (not regrettable) Joe Bugel is retired (Regrettable). The team is in shambles. I'm not that confident with Jason Campbell. He has shown flashes of brilliance and his numbers seem to have improved; but I would not call him a franchise quarterback by any means......yet! Of course the fact that he had a lousy offensive line didn't help any. He got sacked a lot this year.

Thank God, I am not a crazed fan like I once was. I'd purchase the Washington Post on Monday's to read all I could about the team's win or loss from the previous Sunday. I had a subscription to a fan newsletter. If they lost on a Monday night game, I would toss and turn all night. Then one day, really after Joe Gibbs retired (first time), I said to myself that it wasn't worth it and pulled back.

I still root for them because they are the last connection I have with my beloved Commonwealth of Virginia; where I became a diehard Redskins fan. We'll see what Mike Shanahan can do with them. I'd love to see a return of the "Hogs" that terrific offensive line that Joe Bugel was the architect of back in the 80's. That was really great football.

My secondary reason for paying attenttion to football will most likely end tomorrow afternoon. The New York Jets will play San Diego for the AFC Championship. I'd love to see them win, but I doubt it. Years ago, I had Jets season tickets and took the kids to the games. They seemed to enjoy it until the December games :-) They manage to find ways to lose every year. Superbowl, 1969 was their last championship.

It's a cliche I know, but there's always next year.

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