Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the Electric Mist Film based on a book by James Lee Burke

Well finally at long last the movie was released and I caught it at Blockbusters. I don't know how it will do. But what I'm thinking is that he is such a great writer that the average JLB fan would be seriously miffed if they cut out too much of the book for a film. Therefore his work would translate better to a miniseries. James Lee Burke fans are a fierce lot and don't like their characters messed with. On the other hand the way the movie was edited, there were a couple of gaps that if you hadn't read the book would have been hard to follow.

Tommy Lee Jones did a great job as Dave Robicheaux. The bait shop, Alafair, Tripod, Batiste everybody was there except Clete who wasn't in the book anyway.

For my part I loved the movie. My favorite scenes were when Dave spoke to the ghost of John Bell Hood. They did use some of JLB's prose as an overlay, but they should have used more in my opinion. That would have really set the mood.
P.S. One thing I find amusing is that I purchased a Dave Robicheaux Bait Shop baseball cap which I wear fairly regularly. You can get one at I can tell that there are a fair number of James Lee Burke readers out there by the chuckles and smiles I get as people approach me and read what is embroidered on the cap.

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