Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Dog Jack

We have a 7 year old Rat Terrier named Jack. He's a very good natured dog, tail always wagging, a little goofy, but he loved people and would cuddle you at the drop of a hat, etc. Lately we noticed he hasn't been very hungry, so we brought him to the vet. Turns out that he is in the beginning stages of Renal failure. Jack spent overnight at the Vet's and was given some nutrients through an IV. This morning the vet told us that prognosis was guarded, that the renal failure was caused by Lyme Disease. I hope he pulls through. As much as a pain that he is, he is a very lovable dog and is always doing something to make us smile.

We should find out more today. The Doctor hasn't gone into details about treatment yet.


Ollie said...

We made a very hard decision today. We put Jack down at 1 PM this afternoon. His chances had been downgraded to 10%. The doctor said it was the right choice. He let us hold him as he administered the drugs, The little guy was gone in seconds.

Ollie said...

We miss Jack. No more greetings at the door or worrying if he will scamper out the door as we struggle with groceries, etc. He used to sit on my stomach as we watched DVD's, etc.

Regina and I have thought it over and we will probably get another dog when one of us retires or scales back on the job. Our long hours were not really fair to the dog. She's leaning toward a Schnauzer, I would like either a beagle or another rat terrier or perhaps a Fox terrier.