Sunday, November 4, 2007

Are You a Fountain Pen Addict????

I've loved fountain pens for years. You can tell a real fountain pen lover by the ink stains on their hands usually caused by recalcitrant fountain pens. I have some expensive ones and some not so very expensive. Just like watches or cars though, the cost does not mean its the best. I have several pens that cost a fortune and they don't write near as well as a 45.00 Parker pen that I own. One of my favorite sites is Its a great board that has a yellow board (pen conversations only) and a green board (buy,sell,trade). It has a lot of great people on board who are eager to share their knowledge and enthusiam about fountain pens. A vendor I go to a lot is Its a great store in New York City. Not the best prices around but if you need something quick, they get it to you overnight tout suite no problem.

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Ollie said...

Picked up a new fountain pen the other day. Its a Namiki Orange vanishing Point. Beautiful pen to add with my other vanishing points, medium nib, writes beautifully. Its a great pen,but before you buy one try it. The clic mechanism to retract the nib necessitates the clip to be opposite where you would normally find it (its on the bottom). It may require a change in the way you grip a pen.