Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Weekend - - Faeries Galore!!

We had an interesting weekend 10/12-14/07. Ange my eldest is a nut on Faerie lore. Regina and I went with her to Philadelphia for the First Faeriecon at the Philadelphia convention Center. I attended lectures on the differences between good faeries and bad faeries and other little gems about faerie wings or the lack thereof. :) Some of the costumes were great, really outrageous, the art was good, the writers and artists were extremely accessible signing their works and talking about their books.

Angela wore us out, that kid can boogy. In the evenings they had fantasy movies and a good faery ball one night and a bad faerie ball the next. Her costume was great. Most were...well to use an overused word, awsome. But some were pretty bad. It kind of reminded me of my Civil War reenacting days. Some of us were authentic as possible and others wore blue jeans.

Anyway it was a fun experience and last night the family got together for a nice dinner to send Ange off back to Oregon.

If you want to see some great faerie art check out Brian Froud or his wife Wendy's work. They were the Guests of Honor at the convention. Their website is It is impressive stuff.


Anonymous said...

When you were in the Coast Guard, did you ever have to board one of those Faerie boats?

Ollie said...

Actually, this incident produced a funny story. When I came back to work and told the guys about it, they roared with laughter. They thought I meant "Ferry" convention. I've been ribbed all week about it.

Anonymous said...

Anything else I say would only lead to bloodshed, and mine would be the blood shed.