Friday, May 23, 2014

Redskins always and forever

Lately politics and political correctness which I abhor have really started to bother me. Now the government wants to get into the act by attempting to force the Washington Redskins my favorite sports team of all time to change their name.

50 senators mostly Democrats have written a letter whining about how the Redskins name is derogatory etc. Well as a history major here is something to chew on. Democrats were proslavery, Republicans against! Democrats founded and supported the KKK, every Civil Rights act that the Republicans proposed in the 19th century was opposed by the Democrats. Even the epic 1964 Civil Rights act which passed had a greater percentage of Republicans voting for it than Democrats. Democrats supported the Jim Crow laws. Democrats were for poll taxes, Democrats attempted to block schools  so that Black students couldn't enter them. It took a Republican President  Eisenhower authorizing federal troops to guard the students as they went to school.

Now these 50 senators want to make you all forget the transgressions of their Democratic ancestors by playing on the heartstrings of an uneducated public by pretending they really care about the downtrodden by attempting to force a name change on a private company. This is really disgusting.

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