Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home Again!

Well the economy has claimed another victim!! My youngest son needs to come home and take a rent breather to catch up on his bills. I told him that I would require him to pay utilities and that is it. Since we are a row house with homes on both sides, our  energy bill is quite manageable. That should give him a break. Quite frankly, it will be nice to have him around the house for some discussion, my wife is a liberal and I am conservative, we don't talk much about politics as it usually escalates into arguments. My son is willing to listen and I listen to him. Though lately, I believe my arch conservatism is beginning to erode a bit in my old age.

The other good reason for him being around is that it has given me a good reason to attack our front rooms with an almost violent capacity. I have thrown out stuff, I thought I never would and have been shredding an unbelievable amount of paper to help make way for him in one of the storerooms which used to be his bedroom.

After all this work, I hope he hangs out for a while :-)

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