Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why Do Doctors Take So Long to Make Decisions?

I've been back and forth to hemotologists, pulomanary specialists, hospitals, etc. for the last several months. I have a high red blood cell count according to them. After genetic tests, sleep tests and drawing what seems like a gallon of blood from me they finally arrived at a decision. They say, I have Sleep Apnea which will produce excess red blood cells. I need to have a C-PAP machine prescribed to me to keep positive pressure in my airways so they won't collapse. But its not a simple matter of you have it, here is the machine, have at it! Nope, I have to attend yet another consult, even though I already know I have it. I have to have a seminar of sorts with a specialist who will tell me how to use it, hook it up, etc. then it will be prescribed to me and I can begin using it.

This has been going on forever now........and our dear government wants to know why medical costs are so high. Gawd!, its because of duplication due to fear of malpractice I suppose. I've never seen so much waste. Not only that, but they waste your money and inconvenience you like never before. Try to find a doctor that will deal with you after hours or on weekends! Yet take a gander at them if you so much as intone that they are wasting your time. I told one Doctor once he was going to have to pay for my sick time if this nonsense kept up. He laughed! They have no sense on how they intrude in our lives.

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