Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Excitement From Across The Pond

I received an email from the son of the first skipper of the Zuni the other day. He lives in England now. Had some great stories to tell about his Dad. I hope to get him more involved. Here is Zuni's latest photo all dolled up in World War 2 Dark Gray paint. We hope to be home soon,

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garydchance said...

Hi Ollie-- I've just had a bit of time to go through your photos here again. I just got "Flags of Our Fathers" by James Bradley about Iwo Jima that Clint Eastwood made into a film. I haven't read the book yet or seen the film and was thinking about the Zuni after seeing the photos of Iwo Jima in the book recalling that the Zuni had spent 31 days there from three days after the assault began on 19 Feb 1945. The battle lasted 36 days. James Bradley's father was one of the six guys who raised the flag on Mt Suribachi on 23 Feb 1945. I guess the Zuni saw it as did Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal who was there too.

I'm as interested in all the decades that the Tamaroa spent protecting the coast and chasing Soviet trawlers to say nothing about the Perfect Storm. That photo from the Soviet trawler with the Tamaroa in the background is amazing. Did you guys board the trawler? I had no idea that while I lived in NYC the Tamaroa was at Governor's Island. That's also a fabulous photo of her with lower Manhattan in the background and, quite sadly, the WTC which no longer exists.

You've really done a phenomenal job for an historical monument now that is really a treasure and education. All the best to all of you and your families for the holidays and New Year. I'll be sending along some more information as time permits.


Gary D Chance, London, UK