Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We had a nice weekend, Ange celebrated her birthday with Friends on Friday and Saturday, we got to babysit Angela's dog - everyone's favorite Beagle, Shenny. She's great to babysit for because mostly she sleeps interrupted by an occasional ROOOOO!!! I also rented the last half of the 6th season of 24, a TV show to which I am hopelessly addicted. That's not a good thing when your TV's not hooked up. I have to wait until season 7 comes out now on DVD.
Then to complete the weekend we celebrated Angela's birthday by going out to dinner at the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant. The usual suspects were there Regina, me, Danny, Sasha, Angela.
We're still looking for a car for Regina. She want's a Sonata. I like them but I'd also like her to try out a Ford Fusion before we commit.

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