Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin the Next Vice President????

Hoo-boy, here we go again; yet another choice that polarizes the country. Democrats make fun of her for having no experience and she's attractive. Republicans idolize her because she's a family values person who loves to hunt and fish and because she believes in the "drill now" philosophy.

Personally, after I looked into her rise to the governorship of Alaska, I like what I see. Amongst the 4 candidates for Prez and Veep, she is the only one with executive experience. She also has demonstrated that she is a reform politician and will mow down a corrupt Republican as easily as a Democrat.

Those who decry her lack of international experience forget that her state lies within just a few miles of the waking Russian Bear. She lives with them over her shoulder every day.I'm glad to see she's on the ticket because we need someone with fiscal restraint and budget cutting experience. Something that Democrats and the current Republican administration seem to have forgotten about.

The one thing that bothers me is the emphasis on the hunting and the guns. I am not a believer in the second ammendment as the supreme court recently intrepreted it. I have problems with people having ready access to guns.


WELL, its been an interesting couple of days to say the least. The Dimocratic attack dogs are out there in full force. Her life is now under a microscope, the Dims have found and released her phone number addresses and Social Security number. A real class bunch, right! First she was accused of "pretending" that Trig was hers to protect her daughter, then her daughter was pilloried for getting pregnant. Lets see her husband was DUI once BEFORE they were married. So far everything they've "uncovered" is totally irrelevant to her abilities on the job.

And then of course you have Joe "PLUGS" Biden the Dim Veep candidate, a 5 time deferred draft dodger and alleged Asthmatic who never saw a day in military service. If he was asthmatic, how did he become a High School foot ball star. Methinks I smell a cover-up here.

What really is happening is that the Democrats are in an absolute panic. They have no idea what to do about Palin, so they are attacking everything about her. Of course why should we be surprised when Obama is good buddies with the home grown head of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers. They are unraveling every day more and more.

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